Welcome to THEN

THEN - Waikato Homeschool Group

Welcome to The Home Educators Network, Inc. (THEN) operating in the Hamilton and Waikato region of New Zealand. 


THEN is a not-for-profit incorporated society, functioning as a homeschool network, supplying information and connecting families to the information they need. We are a large, inclusive organisation based in Hamilton, supporting children's learning and their home educating families in the Waikato region of New Zealand. Our network aims to:

    • provide communication between home educators and the many Waikato area home ed support groups;
    • encourage positive local support and provide access to relevant information for home educating parents and caregivers of all creeds and philosophies;
    • create a resource pool for home educators;
    • help meet the expressed needs of home educating caregivers and children;
    • advocate in political areas relevant to home education on behalf of the general membership to maintain the present positive conditions for home schooling;
    • access grants and funding  for subsiding educational activities and camps.


Benefits of our Homeschool Network

Become a member of our network and receive the many benefits. The following list is an example of some of the membership benefits.

  • Share and receive home education information with the largest support network of home educators in the Waikato
  • Receive an activities list and calendar emailed to you at the start of each term, with details of all notified activities and classes available in the Waikato (including home schooling social groups and community classes catering to home educators, with detailed info about the activities, venues, contacts, etc.)
  • Connect with other home schooling teachers in your community, either online via Facebook or by attending various events of your choice
  • Access to our records of legal advice received regarding hosting home education activities in your home, hired venues, or public places
  • Access subsidised Swimsafe lessons organised through our local public pools (offered each term, levels 1-10 usually taught at Gallagher and occasionally at Waterworld)
  • Access subsidised fully certified Red Cross first aid courses (offered every second year)
  • Free hire of excellent telescope, microscope, or GoPro kits ($20 refundable bond required)
  • Free advertising of your home or commercial business: View business listing here >
  • Discounts at participating Waikato businesses
  • Subsidised activities based on funding, grants and discounts
  • Access to subsidised First Aid courses
  • Access to THEN homeschool camps

THEN Member Feedback

"Families wanting to access special pricing/discounts should be THEN members. It appears as though the return on benefits far outweighs the cost of THEN membership in most cases." Robyn L

"I have been home educating my two boys for 8 years and I have been a member of THEN over that whole time. I appreciate this crew for a lot of reasons, but my top priority in life is always connection with people. THEN has provided me with heaps of opportunities to find my ‘homeschooling peeps’.

I was excited to be part of the Whakamaru camp this year. What a brilliant time! My teenagers LOVED getting to hang out with their friends for an extended period of time, and I loved getting to know HEAPS more of the kids, as well as their lovely parents! I’m so grateful to be part of an organisation that values connection as much as I do." Jo